Saturday, March 6, 2010

hi pple (:

here to post le ^^.
rmb orientation camp dun hav to brin utensils .
nid to bring full uni.
2 trackpants and 1 pe shorts (:

anw ..shuld we chng te blog url ?
to smth we dun nid every yr chng de..
that wuld b much more easier..

any suggestions?

thats all bye..

Monday, December 7, 2009


u've got to see this! ahh, rdming ard internet then i found this. how i wish our squad could become liddat~ i think our unit is a bit out of order ehh..>.< things=")

kekeke~ i still dunno how to make it into form-like to print..so, if u lose urs..jus try to print this out~=)

visit my blog for other pictures. anyone knows how to upload vids into youtube? teach me kay?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

okays, im sry if u dun wan to be inside. to view my comments about these pictures, visit
zihui's blog .

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

hi !
siowquen here again .

here to remind stuff and tell somethings .

1 . tml half gee (pe shirt and ur taekwondo pants )
3. fall in 8am .

above are reminders.

tis is for all those people taking part in interschool competition.

monday training ALL change to thursday !

Thursday ,2.30 pm-5.30 pm.
same time as monday .
onli mon change to thurs.

thats all.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

pass tis msg down to those who are involve in te cca demo ting.

bring $10 tml ,for ur meals .
for lunch and breakfast ,as i told u all te breakfast u all cant eat at home .

for te lunch and breakfast emily ma'am and jia zhi ma'am will go out and buy for us .
so during 8am -6pm ,we are nt allowed to leave the sch for meals .

thats all.


siowquen's here (:

Thursday, November 26, 2009

siowquen here (:

as u all heard what emily ma'am say today
next week monday training will be as usaul 2.30 pm -5.30 pm
right ?

BUT ! i have a GOOD news for all the interschool people :D
our next week monday tranining will be CANCELLED

next will be the full day training.
2nd dec (wednesday)our training is full day
training starts from 8 am -6 pm.

3rd dec(thursday) our training is full day too
training starts from 8am-6pm

please take note of the following below

*important .

DO NOT have your breakfast at home
cause once you come school at 8am
we will start warm up and all.

so dont eat your breakfast .
we will have breakfast together.

BUT please remeber to bring money for breakfast AND lunch

i will post the schedule for the BOTH full day later on,after i receive the email .

so kindly check this blog again at 10 pm or 9.45 pm.

next thing .

Demo .

1st demo will be on 21st dec(Monday )
2nd demo will be on 23rd dec (wednesday )

Time : T.B.C(to be confirm)

so stay tune ,keep on come to tis blog at look out for update .

spread the msg out .

i'm here again to post the schedule .

1st demo-21 Dec (told at te top part )
2nd demo-23 Dec (told at the top part)
Mon training as usual (except 30 Nov)

1st day of FULL DAY Training

0800 - 0830- Warm-up
0830 - 1030- Training
1030 - 1100-Breakfast
1100 - 1330-Training
1330 - 1530-Lunch
1530 - 1630-Training
1630 - 1700- Break
1700 - 1730- Training
1730 - 1800-Cool down & Lecture (Theory)

2nd day of FULL DAY Training

0800 - 0845- Warm-up
0845 - 1045- Training
1045 - 1115- Breakfast
1115 - 1345-Training
1345 - 1530- Lunch
1530 - 1745-Training (Rehearse Whole Sequence)
1745 - 1800- Cool down

Venue-Parade Square/ Sport Hall (If too hot or rain)
Attire- Full Dobok (for BOTH day)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

hello (:
pass this message to all taking part in interschool .
from next training onwards
our training will start at 2.30 pm .
so our training is 2.30 -5.30pm.
pass tis on (:

next ,hope that some of you can ask chin tiong yi ying and all to come for the normal training which is on thurs .

thats all .




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