Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hi people !
tomorrow ,there will be taekwando
frm 10am-12 pm
but ..pls stay back at 12 pm,only for 15 mins to pratice our song
15 mins is enough,if u all settle down fast.
so at about 12.15pm
you all may go home

and siow quen here (:
anything you wan ask me ,msg me
thank you

im zihui here! guess u all mite be confused over the squad outing=P so i made a change agn..sry! i promise tis will be the last time(maybe)=P i sick of posting tis thing time and over agn=.= okays. lets not be grandma.

Time=8.30 meeting place=woodlands mac(civics center)
we will be hving brkfas dere, of cos tis is optional!=) u can always eat at hm

we will be setting off to interchg. to take 966=)

we will be reaching east coast ard tis hour.during the trip to EC, pls dun be so noisy and kip close to each other, DUN BE A LONER!!
Bring : money($50/abv, blades=1h=$10if im not wrong)
extra clothes(optional)
some coins(optional)
spec hooks=)(optional)
the suitable mood, dun emo dere~

kkays~=D dun make me fall down can?! i beg u hardly! i dun wan to have scars on my legs, i will be blading, and, can someone let me ride if im tired? my legs arent so pro.
NAD LOOK OUT FOR PPL OSO! its a saturday, so alot ppl will be going
(i hope to see my coach!!=DDDD)

kkays, bbye! hv a nice trip and pls rmb all the things abv, dun forget to bring ur money, u can print tis if u wan, but its a copyright, so i wan to get money if u print=P

frm me~contact me if u have any enquiries and PLS!TELL ME whether u are going or not, u dun msg me, i will morning call u till to come=))
83992901 : zihuii~

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hi !
tml we will hav POP dry run .
pls remeber to bring your lyrics,does who does not have te lyrics ,get it from me(siowquen) when u see me in the morning.
time will be 0900-1600
attire is P.T kit

thats all.


Monday, June 8, 2009

Hi people!
just wan to tell you all,that ,please practice the song :X
as POP dry run is next week wed.
so please practice your song well
thank you very much!
and the buying gift on 13 june,time will be confirm
i will send the msg out,for yuan quan christain have to help me forward.
and as for guo wei,he say dun send any msg to him already.
and 27 June ,time will be confirm again,as zi hui say ,she may change the time again.
that's all.

signing off

Friday, June 5, 2009

Hi people!

this is the calender you need to go back to school

Date : Activities : Time: Attire:
5 June ( Fri) Armdrill and footdrill 1400-1700 FULL UNIFORM sec1-3
!2 June (Fri) sec 2-3 collect No.1 uniform 1330-1700 P.T KIT sec2&3
17 June (Wed) POP dry run 0900-1600 P.T KIT sec1-3
19 June(Fri) NPCC Normal 1400-1800 full uniform
activity bring pt kit sec1-3

te schedule has been given out today
those who went for taekwando today,will receive,consent form and the schedule.

signing off

Thursday, June 4, 2009

You will need unused rag,rag,kiwi,water and your boots.First dip the rag in to water then after that apply some kiwi onto rag after all that things start polishing your shoe.Reapeat by puting some water on the rag an d polish the boots until it shines and you can see the difference.
in the last photo!
By:Wei Hock

Be a street sales volunteer! Simply email your [ Name ], [ School ], [ Class ], [ Contact Number ], [ IC number ] and [ Sessions you wish to opt for ] to accendo09.streetsales@gmail.com
CIP hours will be awarded by hour to hour basis(i not sure if this awards or not):

Session 15C: 7 June [9am - 1pm]
Session 15D: 7 June [2pm - 6pm]
Session 17A: 14 June [9am - 1pm]
Session 17B: 14 June [2pm - 6pm]
Session 19A: 21 June [9am - 1pm]
Session 19B: 21 June [2pm - 6pm]
Session 20A: 5 July [9am - 1pm]
Session 20B: 5 July [2pm - 6pm]
Session 21A: 12 July [9am - 1pm]
Session 21B: 12 July [2pm - 6pm]
Session 22A: 19 July [9am - 1pm]
Session 22B: 19 July [2pm - 6pm]
Session 23A: 26 July [9am - 1pm]
Session 23B: 26 July [2pm - 6pm]
Session 24A: 2 August [9am - 1pm]
Session 24B: 2 August [2pm - 6pm]
Session 25A: 9 August [9am - 1pm]
Session 25B: 9 August [2pm - 6pm]
Session 26A: 16 August [9am - 1pm]
Session 26B: 16 August [2pm - 6pm]
Session 27A: 23 August [9am - 1pm]
Session 27B: 23 August [2pm - 6pm]
FRIDAYS (3pm to 7pm):
Session 15: 5 June
Session 16: 12 June
Session 18: 19 June

Venue: Dhoby Ghaut MRT!

pls render urselves to the the Student Advisory Centre, supports a LunchBox Fund for students from financially disadvantaged families, i can go wif u wif u wan=) aiyah, if not take it as u accompany me lah!msg me if u're interested=)

zihui=)<3(http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=63674607575 for more info)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

im back

i tink tis would make some of u ..
can say not happy ba or shuld i say shock?
not sure too ^^'''
tis thurs ,thr will STILL BE TAEKWANDO
i tink time is as usual!
but u nid not worry..
as wad i hav sent out te msg.
saying that we will pratice for our song ,on thurs (9 june 2009)
it is frm 9am -12.30pm
after that ,we will go for lunch as a squad
as we will still hav pratice aft lunch.
aft lunch ,we will head back to CCHY LT room outside to practice.
time is te time we reach cchy-3.15pm
as 3.15 pm ,those in taekwando need to change..
so te practice will stop at 3.15 pm
those dun nid to go for taekwando
u may go off (i itnk only rui ting shuld go off,as she din take up tkd)
others shuld stay behind and change into their taekwando uni..
and this FRIDAY
thr will be NPCC activity..
fall in at 1.45 pm.
rmb to bring ur taekwando stuff on thurs ,cuz we pratice 1 whole day.
thank you!

siowquen was here (:



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