Sunday, May 31, 2009

Regarding the 13jun's outing

it will be cancelled and chg to gift-buying day=.=
meeting time: 8.30
place: yishun mcdonalds(n/p deh)

as for the 27th jun
meeting time will be 8.30am at woodlands interchg, stand beside bus no.966
pls bring ez-link card,money enuf for brkfast(optional) lunch and the rental fee
pls note that the fee arent cheap..VERY EX deh, oh, those who have blades can bring along oso=)
and we will be playing the whole day so wear smth casual, not for shopping de ah=) oh and bring water bottle=D


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hi people!^^
tis is frm donovan
but siowquen is writing on behalf for him

donovan say that he cant make it on 2nd june
for the helping out.
anybody can take over him ,at 2 june.
pls inform me (siow quen)

thank you

signing off

Friday, May 29, 2009

Sry post 2 times a day
as regrading abt buyin gifts
pls vote
and we would go to te place mostly vote and te second place
and for te squad outing pls vote too!
thank you

Hi people!(:
tis is a reminder
for those people who scared they will forget the date.
16 june
we nid to go back to sch
at 1 pm fall in beside npcc room
attire :pt kit
every1 must go
as the sec 3 wan to see our performance
so ,maybe 4 june we will be praticing ..
i will msg u guys,and pls forward the msg.
and for 2 june
those people who are helping
attire pe shirt and shorts.
err..if not wrong at 7.30 am

that's all..
if i receive any notice ,pls check tis blog .
as i will psot them on tis blog and send to ur handphone too.

hope u guys ,enjoy tis june holiday

have a great time!(:

signing off
siow quen

Monday, May 18, 2009

Hi people
swee koon sir say that
he wan to meet us outside npcc room tomorrow after school at 2.30 pm.
he wan everybody to be present !
those who need to go for monitor meeting ,u r excuse.
so everybody should come ,except for those who have monitor meeting.
the msg will be sent out lastest by tomorrow morning.

signing off

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Yo people..
pls be informed that
there is NPCC on wed next week (20th May)
Fall in time: 2.30 pm
Dismissal time :6 pm
Attire: half uniform
I want everybody to come .
half uniform= beret,Npcc T-shirt/PE T-shirt,Npcc Belt,Npcc Skirt/Pants,Black Socks and Npcc Boots

signing off
siow quen

Hey ppl!
Pls notice tat..
There stil be activity on Friday(22nd May)
Pls check the notice board 4 further details:)
But Wednesday traning it'll not b pin up, so juz remember..
N dun 4get 2 bring PT along..
[Pls spead 2 all ur squadmates bout tat]


Friday, May 15, 2009

Hey guys!
MYE has juz ended ..hope ite paper is ok for you all..
ok..heres 1 announcement i hav to make
tis announcement is frm emily
hey guys..spread tis msg to your groupmates(grp leaders shuld know who is in your groups )
taekwando notices and trainings will be put up on the NPCC notice board .The next taekwando training will be on the 21st of may which is the school's half day .
Take note:time will be 3.30pm sharp
Attire:full gee(except wei hock)
i don't want to hear anyone saying that they do not know when is the training or whatsoever.
discipline is excepted from every single one of you .
fro chen fan,chi fa adn yan quan..
pls tell them to look at te sec 1 npcc blog ,if they did not giv us their handfone number.
-sign off
siow quen

Sunday, May 3, 2009

happy belated b'day to our squad IC,chiristain
and happy b'day to yu song.
yu song happie 13th b'day.
and chiristian happy 15th b'day..
15th rite?hmm..
i am sure everyone will wished you two happy birthday .had a gd b'day celebration :D
err..sry din hav time to buy b'day gift for you 2.mayb aft exam..v late b'day present (:
once again,



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