Wednesday, September 23, 2009

hmms, anybody interested in jogging everyday during november?
time : 8am(everyday except weekends)(time to go home depends on urself)
venue : yishun stadium!=D
erm, its an itensie training for myself actually, cos my stamina rly sucks=Pu can slack dere if u wan, jus nid ppl to accompany me=)thx.oh, and of cos u can train dere.
do msg zihuii @ 83992901 if u're going. pls tell me when u cant go. in case nobody's going on some days=)ahh, can we find some time to go out too?=)

Monday, September 7, 2009

wahaha! somebody chg the skinn..so sioq quen decided to chg it totally=)
woahh, think it looks nicer now..i think nid to collect all the links and name again!
take this chance to org the blog bah..siqo quen, dun be so pissed..and whoever issit..=.=....

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

wee! guys~ hehe, write abt anything lar horr..jus to kip it updated=)
*clear throat*, wee! today morning assembly, they finally presented the prize to the principal. altho i dun like dat ong kok hua=.=, when the cher invited jianwen sir to speak, i was ohh! omg god~finally! hahahas!~ den he started to say=) i suddenly rmb wad emily mdm say when we were at the macs.^^ she say mr ong surely 见牙不见眼..hahaha!but his eyes are oredii small liaoo isnt it? smaller den mine(=^)---dats an emotion=.=den i started telling my fren wad award i got=)happy start to a day ehh?=)



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